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Kaya Tokuhisa (soprano) studied classical singing with professor Tatjana Vasle at the Ljubljana Conservatory for music and ballet. She also participated in masterclasses and took private lessons with Maria Cristina Kiehr, Ulrich Messthaler, Harry van der Kamp, Snežana Nena Brzaković, Marianna Váradi, Thomas Heyer, Edita Garčević Koželj and Urška Arlič Gololičič.

She collaborates with the Hungarian pianist Beata Barcza, with whom they performed a concert for the occasion of the  centennary of Claude Debussy's death in Grand Hotel Union, Ljubljana in March 2018. Afterwards they expanded the repertoire of mélodies Françaises for a chrarity concert in Konzerthaus Klagenfurt (Austria) in april 2019. Kaya has also performed with musicians such as Yasumichi Iwaki, Vasilij Meljnikov, Klaus B. Roth, Uršula Iwaki, Jan Sever ...

Performances include the concert at the Slovenian Philharmonic in the honour of the visit by His Imperial Highness prince Akishino and Her Imperial Highness princess Akishino in 2013. In the same year she performed as a solo actor in a music installation by Aldo Kumar in Ljubljana City Gallery's exhibition Fragments of Happiness in Art. 


Kaya studied the interpretation of this genre under professor Žare Prinčič while studying acting at AGRFT. She has continued studying at postgraduate level, receiving a Master's degree in Theatre Singing in 2023.

With pianist Rok Lopatič (Laibach, Leelojamais) and accordionist Žiga Vehovec (Balkan Boys), they formed a band called Café Noisette,  and are slowly gaining recognition on the Slovenian music scene. In 2023 they performed at the Slovenian Festival of Chansons. For more information please visit,


Morana Airlines is a duo with the producer and composer Peter Penko. They are currently preparing an album.


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