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Reading stories for the Slavic Soundwalking project

Updated: Jun 12

Kaya Tokuhisa reads the English translations of the short stories by Slovenian female authors.

About the project (source) SSW is based on a sound and a mobile application  activated on users ‘mobile devices in public areas of partner countries’ capitals (Zagreb, Belgrade, Ljubljana) and listened to on their own headphones. The mobile application consists of Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian short stories adapted to five languages, including the sign language.The content is the yet unpublished sound-formatting with music, read by actors, of short stories by authors from all partner countries written with a special call. A selection of the best short stories with the help of the mobile application and geo-localization, users can listen whilst walking through the public spaces of capital cities of partner countries where the population was then interregional. The topics of the SSW project are urban stories through the vision of the Slavic language, its preservation, and new forms of expression. Furthermore, the mobile app is going to be in accordance with the principles of universal design thus making it easier to use for all user profiles.

The result of the SSW is the mobile app that will contain 75 audio formatted short stories in 5 languages. Promotion through discursive activities (public events, workshops, etc.) will take place in all three partner countries. The SSW mobile app will remain viable, and the content will be stored in digital form (SSW online platform) to support the artists’ work and allow for continued visibility after the end of the project. The project will have a long-term impact on building a sound archive of Slavic languages for future generations.

photo: Peter Penko


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