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Utazu Art Award 2018

The painting Terra periens S01E04 - 57% has been accepted in the exhibition of Utazu Art Award 2018 and is featured on the cover of the catalogue.

The town of Utazu in Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, is a historic seaside town, yet it has been developing into one of the most exciting new towns in Kagawa. The UAA exhibition takesplace in the special venue within U-Plaza Utazuin the centre of the town. This biannual art competition contributes to discovering and nurturing of young talents and promoting international artists, as well as the development of the town as the centre of art and culture.

The Utazu Art Award is an open competition, accessible to artists across the world, regardless of their age and techniques. The jury,

Akira Tatehata, an art critic and the President of Tama Art University (Tokyo), and Toshihiro Hamano, make a selection of works that are exhibited.


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